Deintyddfa Celtic Dental practice
Deintyddfa Celtic Dental Practice

Services and Fees

Deintyddfa Celtic Dental Practice

Professional Tooth Whitening

We use the latest materials to provide a system:

Prices from £150 (upper or lower teeth), £250 for both.
20% reduction for members of our Dental Plan.

Some examples of our fees
(Members of our Dental Plan benefit from a 20% reduction.)

Dental Plan with Denplan

Private Fee

Initial consultation £50 £50
Hygiene visit 30 mins £38.40 £48
Silver fillings (from) £48 £60
White fillings (from) £60 £72
Extractions £70 £84
Crowns/Veneers (from) £400 £480
Dentures POA POA

A full list of prices is available from the practice. Please contact us to discuss.